Addiction therapist,
addictive disorders and trauma

Therapy and coaching

Support for addictions, addictive disorders and post-traumatic symptoms

Asking for help

People who are seeking help for addictive disorders may wonder what steps they need to take. Working with Désirée is a simple process:

  • We conduct an initial evaluation to identify the problem and agree on the therapy goals together. We also discuss the financial side at this initial meeting.
  • We agree a structured follow-up plan for a set period of time based on your needs.
  • The initial and subsequent meetings can be held in person or online using video conferencing tools, such as Zoom.

Therapy goals for recovery

  • To help people stop using alcohol and drugs (including prescription medications) or engaging in compulsive behaviours such as sex addiction, gambling and work addiction, etc.
  • To help those who suffer from addictions or addictive behaviours to set limits
  • To create a psychoeducational environment in which knowledge can be acquired and basic theories can be adapted and reworked
  • To establish a relationship of trust and develop skills to facilitate living with others
  • To explore different recovery support models to help patients adopt the model that suits them best
  • To encourage patients to find the motivation to make meaningful changes
  • To help patients adopt a well-being plan encompassing all aspects of their life as part of their recovery: links to the recovery community, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, suitable housing and a healthy financial situation
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  • Setting up a solid “invitational” process for interventions in Switzerland and abroad
  • Using recognised intervention models to help people start their treatment journey even when past experience has made them feel reluctant
  • Psychoeducation for families on substances, substance abuse and behavioural health
  • Helping families, colleagues and friends foster a healthy relationship with the patient and set limits and expectations
  • Defining ways in which family and friends can commit to helping the patient more actively and respectfully
  • Working with families to bring about real, permanent and sustainable change
  • Using effective and appropriate methods to encourage more families to take the path to recovery
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